• HAPPYGRAM from Ashburn out of state sellers

        We love what we do and, more importantly, we love the people we do it for!

        Ask Gina & Company received the feedback below from one of our recent repeat clients in Ashburn. We had rented their townhome in Goose Creek for them on more than one occasion when the market wasn’t as strong for selling, and then when the time was right, we let them know and got it SOLD for them. SO happy to have built another fabulous relationship with our clients who have quickly become a permanent part of our AGC family.

        But it’s best if I let Karen & Mike, formerly of Ashburn VA, tell the story:

        “WE can say with great conviction that Gina is a TOTAL CLASS ACT!! Our dear friends referred us to Gina and we feel we are indebted to those friends for life! Three years ago we left VA and began our retirement travels leaving our home in the more than capable hands of Gina and her staff! We had tenants in our home for the first two and a half years and just recently sold our home. If you’re looking for someone who’s on top of EVERYTHING, AT ALL TIMES then Gina is your woman!

        Gina is attentive, willing to address and much more than capable of addressing any and all questions or concerns you may have almost 24/7!! Like when our main smoke detector tripped all of our smoke detectors. All of them were screeching throughout the neighborhood at daybreak so a neighbor called 911. ALL the the first responders in Ashburn quickly arrived. One of them had the presence of mind to contact our realtors as their sign was our front lawn. Kim took the call and not only gave them the access code to enter our home so that they could get in without axing our front door down, she also drove over to meet them at our house just to ensure the legitimacy of this and to ensure everything else was in tact! THEN she and Gina quickly enlisted one of their select repair companies to take care of the/our smoke detector issue. Imagine that!! Being out of state meant we couldn’t just go to our home and check on things at anytime.

        Gina ALWAYS went out of her way to communicate with us and bring us there through any and all means possible; photos, videos, phone calls. The ONLY time there were voicemails were when they couldn’t reach us! I don’t recall leaving them voicemails as they were ALWAYS available to us, regardless of need. Yes, even after normal work hours; like I said I think Gina works 24/7! Despite our being states away we never felt the distance, not once! Gina and her staff are honest, fair, hardworking, and committed to giving their clients their very best at all times! Our home never sat empty between tenants as Gina worked hard and masterfully to ensure and secure tenants for us. When it came time to put it on the market Gina secured the best photographers & videographers to showcase our beautiful home resulting in our first offer (of several) being signed and delivered less than 18 hours after our home hit the market! WOW! Gina tirelessly worked the negotiations throughout the Super Bowl and late into that evening and by the next morning, Monday, we were under contract!!! Ahhhhhmazing!

        Gina and her staff took care of so many little and big details, going above and beyond the scope of being our Realtors. Kim is Gina’s “right hand” and an excellent one she is! BOTH of these women were on the pulse of EVERY aspect of being our Realtors and I assure you, in choosing them you are possibly making one of the greatest decisions of your life! You will NOT be disappointed AT ALL! Trust me, they are more than worthy of their commissions!!! AND in the end you too may find you’ve made some marvelous lifelong friends in them! THANK YOU Gina & Kim…for every little and every BIG thing!!

        WE remain eternally greatful,
        Karen & Mike Rea”

        Maitland Terrace Townhome