• Happy Thanksgiving!

        Ahhh…the smell of succulent turkey, the delicious taste of pumpkin pie, and the warm and fuzzy feeling from sitting around the fire reminiscing with family and friends. Why, yes. It can only be – Thanksgiving!This time of year brings about a lot of reflection and gratitude. And in honor of that tradition we would like to take the time to thank those who we have been fortunate enough to have in our lives!

        To our family and friends we would like to THANK YOU for sticking by us! We know our hours as Realtors can be long and inconvenient and yet you always consistently show us the love. Without your support we know we could not achieve the level of success we have been blessed with. You all are truly AMAZING!

        To our clients and co-workers we would like to THANK YOU for your continued business and loyalty. We understand that the real estate world is one that is mixed with high emotions and financial uncertainties and we will continue to work hard for your trust and business. We have had tremendous success working by referral and this is no accident – it is because of your faith in us!

        As we continue to count our blessings, we at Ask Gina & Company wish you a FABULOUS Thanksgiving… and a win for your football team of choice! (Goooo Redskins!)

        Now, if you will kindly excuse us, it’s time for pie!