• Go Ahead – Jump In!

        Have you been waiting for the real estate climate to be “just right” when buying your next home? Well, jump in as the water is WARM! It has never been a better time to buy and here are some reasons why:

        · Mortgage rates are at an all time low! What does this mean for you? Either a lower monthly mortgage or a bigger home for your family! With rates below 5%, it is a great time to be financing a home!

        · Homes are in great condition! When the housing market was in a decline many home owners stayed put and invested in their home instead of selling for a loss. This means you shouldn’t have to tackle any pesky projects when you move into your home – they have already been done!

        · Appraisal guidelines are now more in tune with the market. Fannie Mae adjusted the way they handle appraisals and adjusters now have more freedom to assess the true value of a home making the buying process more steam lined!

        · Foreclosures are down and traditional sales can now flourish! With the dwindling supply of foreclosures, traditional sales can take place making the home buying process a breeze!

        · Programs. There are still plenty of programs available to make homeownership within your reach!

        Dipped your toe in the water and ready to take the plunge? Call Gina Tufano and Jennifer Johnson with Ask Gina & Company today at 703-574-3478 or email info@ask-gina.com for more information.