• Get your ducks in a row before you buy a new NOVA home

        First time buyer? Moving up? Downsizing?  Here’s a handy list of items that may be required by your lender. Don’t wait until the last minute, in order to have a strong, competitive offer and smooooooth closing, get started today.


        Prepare to buy your new Loudoun Home
        being prepared is nothing to quack about


        Mortgage Application Purchase Checklist


        Our goal at AGC is to help facilitate a smooth transaction for each and every one of our Northern Virginia clients. Having correct and complete information upfront to your lender is key to a stress-free home purchase. This checklist will help you prepare so that we and your lender can serve you more efficiently.


        Personal Identification

        ¨  Legible copy of drivers license or passport

        ¨  Legible copy of Resident Alien Card if not a US Citizen


        Present Property

        ¨  Copy of the ratified contract and all addenda for present home if you are selling

        ¨  Copy  of lease for present home if you are going to rent out your present property

        ¨  Copy of listing if home is not sold as of yet

        ¨  Name and address of landlord if currently renting present residence


        Employment & Income

        ¨  W-2s or 1099s for the past 2 years

        ¨  Most recent pay stubs covering 30 days of employment (must include employers name and year-to- date income)

        ¨  If self-employed or you have rental, commission or other variable income  — 2 years signed federal tax returns

        ¨  If self-employed – year-to-date profit and loss statement if returns do not cover the previous quarter

        ¨  Federal Corporate or Partnership tax returns for entities owned

        ¨  Diploma or transcript if full-time student during past 2 years

        ¨  Leases for current rental properties owned

        ¨  Divorce decree and evidence of 12 months proof of receipt of payments for child support/alimony (only needed if you desire to use this income to qualify)

        ¨  For retirement or social security income – a copy of the latest annual disbursement/distribution statement and most recent 2 year 1099 statements


        Assets & Liabilities

        ¨  Statements coverings transactions for the past 2 months for all bank, stock and retirement accounts (one statement if it covers a quarterly period)

        ¨  If liquidating stocks to complete transaction, proof of liquidation must be supplied as well as evidence of deposit of funds into a liquid account

        ¨  Name and address for any private mortgage or loans outstanding

        ¨  Account information (balances/monthly payments) for all credit card, auto loans, mortgages and other loans

        ¨  Copy of ratified divorce decree or separation agreement for alimony or child support owed


        Home You Are Purchasing

        ¨  Ratified contract and all addenda

        ¨  Copy of listing

        ¨  Front & back of cleared check used for deposit on home you are purchasing

        ¨  Credit card authorization form for appraisal and credit report payment (provided by lender)

        ¨  Contact information for title company and homeowners insurance agent


        Looking to move in or sell in the next 6 months?  Don’t know quite where to start the home selling/buying process? Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home here in NOVA or relocate to a new area, Ask Gina & Company can help you get settled and organized, all in a professional, calm, efficient process that fits personally to your lifestyle! Just Ask Gina today! 703-574-3478

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