• Fun Loudoun County Facts You Never Wanted to Know

        Fun Loudoun County Facts You Never Wanted to Know
        Loudoun County is great for all of it’s beauty, history, and job growth, but we think it should also be noted for it’s sense of humor! Have you checked out the Loudoun County Government website lately? If not, you are missing out on some fun facts!

        Below is a sample of their “Never Asked Questions” and “Seldom Asked Questions” section of their website. Go ahead and look at these things you never wanted, or seldom wanted to know!

        Isn’t “Loudoun” misspelled a lot? – Unfortunately, yes. As a matter of fact, one of the words used most frequently in search engines to find Loudoun County is “Loudon,” a misspelling. We recommend using the correct spelling for best results.”

        Why is Loudoun spelled with an extra “u”? – The county takes its name from the spelling used by John Campbell, a Scottish nobleman who became the 4th Earl of Loudoun. He was the onetime Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces in North America and Governor of Virginia.”

        How old is the Loudoun County courthouse? – The old courthouse building was completed in February 1895. Construction had begun with the laying of the cornerstone on April 24, 1894. This is actually the third courthouse built on the site.”

        Curious to the “Frequently Asked Questions?” Then click here for all the information you ever WANTED to know about Loudoun County! Loudoun County Government

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