• Flu Shots Announced in Loudoun County

        There are many things to look forward to as we head into the cooler months: watching the kids dress up to collect candy, giving Thanks with our family and friends, and all the magic that the holiday season brings. But one thing we all dread…flu season! Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to break out the tissues and stock up on the Theraflu! Hoping to curtail some of the cases of flu this year, Inova Loudoun Hospital has announced their flu shot schedule of when and where you can obtain yours if you so choose:

        Inova Loudoun Medical Campus: 224 Cornwell Street, Leesburg :
        October 17 from 10am-8pm, October 30 from 5pm-10pm, November 1 from 12pm-7pm, November 18 from 2pm-10pm

        Inova Loudoun Lansdowne Location: 44045 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne:
        October 11 from 2pm-10pm, October 20 from 1pm-9pm, October 23 from 5pm-10pm, November 1 from 2pm-7pm, November 13 from 10am-7pm, November 29 from 5pm-9pm, December 12 from 9am-1pm, January 3 from 2pm-7pm

        In Purcellville, the hospital will give flu shots at the following places, dates and times:
        Oct. 3, 12pm-4pm, Purcellville Fire/Rescue Safety Center on Hirst Road.
        Oct. 11, 3pm-8pm, Purcellville Town Hall.
        Oct. 14, 9am-12pm, Carver Center.
        Oct. 28, 9am-12pm, Carver Center.
        Nov. 8, 3pm-8pm, Purcellville Town Hall.
        Nov. 11, 10 am-12pm, Carver Center.

        All flu shots are $25 and cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted.

        Ask Gina & Company wishes you a happy and HEALTHY season!

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