• FairGrade for LCPS

        “These teenagers could be friends living in Warren, Clarke, Prince William, Falls Church, Montgomery, and Loudoun County.

        If they scored an 84 on their report cards, they would all receive B’s…except one.
        The Loudoun County student would get a C.”

        Mission Statement:

        FairGrade Loudoun is a parent advocacy group that supports the research from FAIRGRADE, which has demonstrated that the current grading policies put students at a disadvantage with respect to college admissions, merit scholarships, honors programs, NCAA athletic eligibility, and car insurance “good-driver” discounts.

        FairGrade Loudoun was founded after three Loudoun County parents attended a presentation by FAIRGRADE, a Fairfax advocacy group formed in January 2008 to change the Fairfax County Public School grading system to the nationally recognized 10 point scale. Fairgrade’s overwhelming evidence of the disadvantage caused by Fairfax County’s current grading scale (very similar to Loudoun’s) inspired the Loudoun County parents to replicate Fairgrade’s efforts in our own county.

        Compared to 45 nationally recognized school districts including Montgomery County, Arlington County, and the City of Falls Church, Loudoun County Public Schools grading policies are punitive and unfair. Furthermore, FairGrade Loudoun‘s data, in cooperation with FAIRGRADE, will demonstrate that LCPS students may lose out on valuable merit scholarships and access to college honors programs because of our county’s existing grading policies.

        In the past three years, many school districts with restrictive grading scales have determined that these scales hurt their students and decided to change to the standard 10 Point Grading Scale as a result. By adopting a 10 Point Grading Scale— and by increasing the weight for honors and AP courses to compare with neighboring counties —Loudoun will give its students and parents equal access to opportunities enjoyed in the majority of US school districts.

        For more information or to find out how you can help, please check out their website http://www.fairgradeloudoun.org/