• Fairfax Public Schools reach out for supporters of a 10 pt. grading scale



        July 2, 2008

        Dear FAIRGRADE Supporter,

        Since early spring, FAIRGRADE has been diligently working for major revisions of the grading policies in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). To date, our on-line petition has received over 6000 supporters. Numerous Parent Teacher Associations have endorsed FAIRGRADE and newspaper editorials are advocating our cause.

        But our work is not complete and much remains to be done to convince the School Board that FCPS needs to move to a 10 point grading scale and to increase the weighting for honors and AP/IB courses.

        We’ll get straight to the point – to pay for this critical effort, we need your financial help. This countywide, grassroots campaign is a massive undertaking staffed entirely by parents like you. Our expenses include website management and hosting fees, mass
        E-mail blasts, reproduction of FAIRGRADE presentation materials, media materials for print and electronic press outlets, state corporation commission fees, lobbying efforts and a potential advertising campaign.

        There are those within FCPS who are against revising the current 6-point grading policy – an unfair grading policy that has been in place since 1962. It’s going to take a lot of continued grassroots outreach on FAIRGRADE’s part to ensure that this issue remains on the front burner.

        Any donation you can provide, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.


        Marcy Newberger and Megan McLaughlin
        FAIRGRADE Co-Chairs
        FAIRGRADE Contribution Form

        Yes, I want to help FAIRGRADE’s grassroots effort to work for revision of FCPS’ grading policies. Enclosed is my personal check payable to: FAIRGRADE

        Mailing Address:
        Diane Farmer – FAIRGRADE Treasurer
        301 Maple Avenue West, Suite #320
        Vienna, VA 22180-4301

        FAIRGRADE has incorporated and is applying for a 501(c)4 exemption status with the IRS.