• Join Ask Gina & Company in Enjoying Virginia's Tax-Free Weekend, August 1-3!

        Join Ask Gina and Company as we celebrate a tax-free weekend here in Virginia!  

        Tax Free Weekend in VA
        Tax Free Weekend Hits Virginia Aug 1-3–are you ready?

        American patriots in the 1700’s had the mantra “no taxation without representation!”  Well. We have representation, but this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Virginia is helping to save your wallet (and your sanity) without  sales tax! Purchased products that qualify will be free of the normal 5.3-6% tax rate!  If you, like the many inhabitants of Northern Virginia are attempting to get ready for this coming school year, now is the time to go shopping!  Purchases of qualifying school supplies selling for $20 or less per item, and purchases of qualifying clothing and footwear selling for $100 or less per item will be exempt from sales tax.   Awesome, right? 

        Excited for tax-free weekend? So are we!!
        Excited for tax-free weekend? So are we!!



         The tax free weekend 2014 is one of three tax-free holidays, one of which is actually soon approaching in October!  October 10-13th, you’ll have the chance to purchase Energy Star and WaterSense qualified products and satisfy all of your various electric needs.  It’s a win-win– You’ll be energy efficient AND tax-free!  For more information on the various tax holidays, visit the Virginia Sales Tax Holiday Information Center

        So go on out and embrace back-to-school tax-free weekend 2014 with Ask Gina & Company!

        Not a resident of Virginia?  You can get in on the tax benefits every year with one easy move– just Ask Gina & Company how you can unlock your possibilities.