• Energy Saving Tips

        Energy Saving Tips

        Can you believe the holidays will be upon us in just a few short months? Time to add a few dollars to our pockets and get saving! Below you will find some energy saving tips from Old Republic Home Protection:

        *Programmable thermostat – This is an inexpensive update you can make that can save you big! Set it to turn down the heat overnight or while you are away working for the day and see the savings add up.

        *Change your light bulbs – Looks for fluorescent lights with packaging labels that read “Energy Star.” Bonus? These light bulbs last a long time so you won’t be running to the store for replacements…saving gas!

        *Give your dishwasher a break – Let your dishes air-dry instead of running the drying cycle on the dishwasher.

        *Turn off electronics – Don’t let your computer or other electronic items sit idle while you are away.

        These are just a few ways you can make a difference in your energy consumption and your wallet! For information on energy saving tips, please visit: Energy Savers.

        Thinking of buying a more energy efficient home? Contact your Loudoun County Realtors today at Ask Gina & Company and let us unlock the possibilities!