• Emergency preparedness NO SALES TAX holiday ends this Sunday!

        If you didn’t already know, hurricane season is upon us. A statewide Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be set from May 25th through May 31st. No sales tax will be charged on the purchase of emergency supply kit items such as:

        • Bottled water
        • Flashlights
        • Batteries (including cell phone batteries)
        • Duct tape
        • First-Aid kits
        • Food and beverage coolers
        • Battery-powered or hand-crank radios
        • Two-way radios
        • Weather band radios and NOAA Weather Radios
        • Tarps, plastic sheeting, and drop clothes
        • Generators
        • Cell phone charges
        • Artificial ice
        • Empty gas, propane, or diesel fuel tanks or containers

        Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management strongly encourages local residents to be prepared possible flooding from tropical storms. Check out www.loudoun.gov/oem for more information on how to be prepared this season for hurricanes and tropical storms.

        For more information on the Virginia Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday go to www.tax.virginia.gov