• Easy new way to stay up-to-date with your Community!

        What is the Virginia Homeowners Alliance?

        • The Virginia Homeowners Alliance (VHA) is an exciting new service provided by REALTORS® to help homeowners protect their most treasured investment, their home.
        • It’s not an organization with boring meetings and a bunch of bureaucracy. It’s an organization comprised of a free, online one-stop-shop (www.VAHomeownersAlliance.com) for improving the value of your home and keeping up with local government decisions that affect your home, your community and your quality of life.
        • By joining VHA, you can stay informed of all the latest news relating to real estate taxes, property assessments, new residential and commercial developments, transportation, school construction and a host of other issues affecting your home, family and neighborhood.

        What other features can you find on www.VAHomeownersAlliance.com?

        • Easily contact local government bodies including your City Council, Board of Supervisors, School Board, Planning Commission, and Housing Authority to name a few,
        • Lawn care and other valuable home maintenance tips,
        • Local school report cards,
        • “Kids’ Room” where children and parents can access practice SOL tests and learn more about the Commonwealth of Virginia.

        How do you join the Virginia Homeowners Alliance?