• Comets on the Horizon (Elementary School, that is…..)

        Horizon Elementary School
                        Horizon Elementary School, home of the Comets, is located on Broadmore Drive in Sterling, Virginia. Students shine as brightly as their mascot suggests at Horizon where it is taught that art relates to all educational experiences and students are encouraged to be independent, critical thinkers. Horizon principal, Jennifer Ewing, has been a Comet for over a decade and prior to joining the Loudoun County School District wore many educational hats including that of a classroom teacher and a representative on Safe and Secure Schools. If you have an elementary aged child, Ask Gina & Company can’t wait to show you homes in Loudoun County.

                        All of Ask Gina & Company’s agents have children enrolled in Loudoun County schools and we understand the importance of finding an educational system that suites your child. Horizon Elementary School’s website is easy to navigate and informative and the campus is inviting. Call Ask Gina & Company today at (703)574-3478 to find your future home in a desirable school district.