• Columbus and The Pink Prancers

        Heroic explorer or disease inflicting tyrant, Christopher Columbus and his initial voyage to the Americas are celebrated every second Monday in October. Columbus and his crew brought more than the postulations of the Spanish crown and a strong sense of entitlement to the New World; they also brought gifts of smallpox, influenza, and a plethora of other diseases that a lack of previous exposure in Native Americans resulted in mass, unabated deaths. Don’t get me wrong, Ask Gina & Company embraces just about any excuse to celebrate and we want to do so by attempting to eradicate (or at least understand) another relentless, lesser known, disease that is currently incurable. The American Cancer Societyestimates that there will be 22,350 new cases of multiple myelomain the United States in 2013. AGC’s fabulous friend, Carol Lehning has been affected by multiple myeloma ever since her mother, Barbara was diagnosed with the disease four years ago. Carol is doing her part to find a cure by participating in MMRF Race for Research on November 16th and she needs your help.  Visit Carol’s race website to learn more about The Pink Prancers’ team and to donate if you can. Carol and Barbara also appreciate your prayers and spreading awareness.

        Whether you explore Loudoun County’s beautiful backyard, take advantage of the countless amenities NOVA has to offer, or plan to race for a cure; enjoy Columbus Day (or Native Americans’ Day- see South Dakota). Carol, as well as Ask Gina & Company, understand that we are all in a challenging position with the government shutdown but if this cause touches your heart, please donate what you can and spread the word!