• Changing Latitudes: Seeking to End the Cycle of Poverty

        Changing Latitudes
        Seeking to End the Cycle of Poverty
        Do you remember hearing about the devastation caused by the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti in January of 2010? Haiti was a third world country before the earthquake and its people continue to struggle as the most poverty stricken country in our hemisphere. Changing Latitudeswas instituted in 2011 by Amy and Mark Denicore and Schuyler Richardson, all of Loudoun County, with the mission of raising awareness and funds for the less fortunate. Changing Latitudes is different from other non-profits for three reasons:
        1.         100% of donated funds go directly to help the less fortunate; no administrative, fundraising, or traveling expenses reduce the amount of the donated funds. 
        2.         There are no middlemen; all donations are hand-delivered to the intended beneficiaries.
        3.         Changing Latitudes offers a helping hand, not a handout.  All programs are designed to empower the less fortunate to help themselves. 

        To date, Changing Latitudes’fundraising efforts have provided more than 151 scholarships to school children and 11 micro loans to needy families. Loans range between $250 and $500 and may be used to start new businesses or expand existing ones.

        Join Ask Gina & Company and donate to Changing Latitudes by clicking here. Changing Latitudes strives to break the cycle of poverty, not enable it and they need your help! While Changing Latitudes aims to provide housing for Haitians who are without, Ask Gina & Company aims to assist you with your Northern Virginia real estate needs so call our Keller Williams Ashburn office at (703)574-3478 with your Loudoun County real estate questions.