• Boundary changes may come for Stone Bridge & Tuscarora HS

        Overcrowding once again becomes an issue for two Loudoun County high schools. With the new Tuscarora High School to open in fall of 2010, the Ashburn and Lansdowne communities open the gates for new boundary lines to be drawn to alleviate overcrowding. The school board listened to surrounding residents concerns and suggestions on how to resolve the matter and where to draw the lines. Two options have been drawn up so far – one option is for Tuscarora to only take rising 9th graders in 2010 while the second is to take rising 10th and 11th grade students from Stone Bridge. The first option would immediately alleviate the over-crowding at Stone Bridge, a school designed to hold 1,600 student but currently holds 1,969. However, even with the opening of the new high school, Tuscarora, Stone Bridge will still remain over crowded by at least 150 students. No final decisions have been made as to which option will be implemented. Go to www.loudoun.gov for more information as it becomes available.