• Back to school safety

        Phew! The first day of school has now come and gone, and we should all give ourselves a pat on the back! The kids, and our sanity, have made it through the summer! Take a deep breath, relax for a minute, and get ready for phase 2- getting them safely through another school year! Along with reviewing homework, going to parent nights, and the other various activities our children are involved in, we all constantly worry about their general safety. While the guidelines below aren’t intended to be a comprehensive guide, they are some helpful tips for safely surviving the school year!
        Walking/Biking to school: Have children avoid fields, back alleys, and less traveled areas. Check out the Family Watchdog website and know of any sexual predators that may live along the route your children will be taking. Have a neighbor with kids? Implement the buddy system! If your new students will be riding bikes or scooters to school be sure they know and understand all traffic laws and wear the appropriate accessories such as a helmets.
        Home alone: Sometimes we just can’t be there when our children arrive home from school but we can give them the knowledge of what to do once they are there. Establish a check-in time daily in which your children call to let you know they arrived safely. Instruct them to lock the doors and keep them locked. Make sure they know how to respond in any emergency that may arise such as a fire or storm.
        Be healthy: Take the time to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol. Not sure how to approach the subject? Check out Time to Talk, a website that gives you the tips your need to hit home this important topic!
        With a little bit of planning and conversation we can ensure that our kids will be emptying our wallets again next year when Back to School time rolls around again!
        Ask Gina & Company wishes you a happy and safe school year! Looking to move into the Loudoun County school system? Call Gina Tufano and Jennifer Johnson today @ 703-574-3478, or email at info@ask-gina.com