• Ask Gina & Company Pulls A Plane!

        The Dulles Day Festival & Plane Pull is a fundraiser for Special Olympics Virginia that challenges teams to pull an honest to goodness airplane using a ROPE and MUSCLE, and Ask Gina & Company with Keller Williams Realty is stepping up to the task. When September 14th comes around, the Ask Gina & Company Superheroes team will stand tall, capes fluttering in the wind — and you can too! With the larger team size of 25, there are more spots than ever before, and Ask Gina & Company is looking for some heroic team members. If you want to be part of our posse, go here to sign up! If you don’t want to change out of your Clark Kent outfit to pull the plane with us, please still consider donating money to Special Olympics Virginia, as every bit counts. You can contact us at 703-574-3478 for any additional information. Ask Gina & Company hopes you will join us as we give where we live and drag that jet down the runway at Dulles!