• Ask Gina & Company Beefs up Baltimore County’s Food Pantry

                        The Holiday Season is near and the Ask Gina & Company team (www.ask-gina.com) favors the feasts that accompany the forthcoming celebrations. Loudoun County is a philanthropic community and we want that giving nature to overflow to our neighbors in Baltimore County. Lorraine Gryniewich, a friend of AGC, was unsettled when she learned that Baltimore County’s food pantry is bare, the area lacking resources as well as potential donors. Lorraine has organized a food drive with the goal to provide meals for at least 50 families and is willing to pick up donations in Virginia, Maryland, and New York.  We want everyone to have a full table throughout the holidays, and every day, and we are happy to contribute to Lorraine’s food drive. If you want to help Lorraine surpass her goal, you can click http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C044BAFAD28A57-itemsto learn more and to donate.  
                        Knowing that there is a food shortage, and a way for us to help, is the first step toward filling Baltimore’s food pantry and hungry bellies. Ask Gina & Company, with Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway, is happy to fill stomachs with food and heads with knowledge so contact the AGC real estate team at (703)574-3478 and accomplish the first step toward buying or selling a home in Northern Virginia.