• Are you prepared for the next winter storm..?

        Winter does not officially end until March 20, 2010, and since temperatures are remaining well below freezing at night, make sure you and your family are prepared for the next snow storm. The office of Ask Gina & Company came up with a few tips on how to safely and comfortably survive the next big snow storm..

        • Make sure you have bottled water, plenty of non-perishable food, a flashlight, battery operated radio, well-stocked first aid kit, and extra medical prescriptions on hand that you may need.
        • Avoid using candles if the lights go out because they are easily knocked over. If you do decide to use candles, pick ones in large glass jars and set them on wide, cleared surfaces where there is nothing within at least two feet from the flame.
        • While shoveling snow, start with the pathways closet to your house and doorstep first. Then venture out to sidewalks and other walkways. If there is one near your house, it’s a good idea to dig out fire hydrants so emergency personnel can easily locate them.
        • Dress in warm layers if you go out. Multiple layers of clothing will be more insulating then one bulky sweater.
        • If you have any eldery neighbors or relatives nearby, check on them and make sure they are doing alright. The elderly are easily susceptible to hypothermia and the snow/ice may be too dangerous for them to venture outside.
        • It is a good investment to buy a space heater as an alternative heat source if the power should go out for an extended period of time. A fireplace or wood stove are also good sources of heat as long as you have plenty of dry wood inside the home.
        • For fun: Make sure you have plenty of non-electronic games to play or activities to do to keep everyone occupied (this can be especially important if you have children) and in hope of keeping everyone in good spirits (if it is unsafe to play in the snow of course..)! In fact, this is a perfect excuse for family time.