• Are you a homeowner? The best time to consult an agent about real estate is….


        What? Yes, you heard me. NOW. Like today, right this second, as soon as you have cell signal or finish cooking dinner. Seriously, put it on your list.

        Why now? I’m not moving until…..insert any time frame imaginable – including “they carry me out in a box”.

        Because it is the smart thing to do.

        Now Gina, you can’t be serious – this must be a ploy to have people call you.

        Nope. It’s in your best interests to develop a relationship with a Realtor that you trust as soon as you possibly can.

        There are a myriad of reasons why having a real estate agent included on your trusted professionals list – here are the top 3:

        1. All agents are not created equally. There are literally thousands of real estate agents in the Northern Virginia area and their network, experience, and techniques vary wildly. You want to make sure you find the one that fits your personality and has the knowledge required to represent you. Most of the time, when the need arises, a homeowner finds themselves either having to endure hours of lost time interviewing agents or picking the first one they contact because they are under the gun and have so many other tasks that are more pressing during move time. Find your agent now, before you have to move, when you are not stressed out and can make certain you picked an expert to be in your corner, instead of the guy who answered the phone.
        2. They know people. The right real estate agent has an incredible network of top notch vendors. Roof leaking because of a storm? Your Realtor has one on speed dial. Insurance premium went up and you want to get other quotes? Your Realtor knows the best in the business. Can’t figure out your tax assessment? Your agent has the direct number to just the person to call at the county level. HVAC out in the middle of the summer? Your real estate agent can get your service call to the top of the list. I could go on and on. Successful real estate agents didn’t get that way by accident. They work with the best of the best that have anything to do with home ownership, frequently, and have the contacts you need when you need them.
        3. All home improvements do not increase your property value. Some actually lower it. If you are considering remodeling, painting, upgrading, putting in a pool, building a deck, whatever – call your Realtor first to see how it will affect your bottom line. Something as simple as the color paint you choose can literally change your net by thousands of dollars.

        Think of it this way – you have a family doctor that you go to for check ups and get the benefit of not having to scramble or go to urgent care when you have the flu – AND that family doctor has connections to specialists if needed. The relationship is there  –  the care is superior to that of a random physician that has never met you, doesn’t know your history, and won’t spend more than 5 minutes with you before moving on to the next person.

        Real estate is the same way.

        There is no need to be stressed out even more when buying or selling property. You don’t have to google contractors or kick yourself for overspending on upgrades because you have to change them to sell. You save time, money, and energy every step of the way.

        The value of a good real estate agent goes well beyond the transaction. Take advantage of the benefits now, don’t settle.

        Ask Gina & Company is a Northern Virginia Real Estate Team with Pearson Smith Realty in Ashburn, Virginia. Gina Tufano, Founder & CEO, became licensed in 1996 with Long & Foster and has been living and working in NOVA ever since – helping buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agents achieve their goals every day.

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