• At AGC we don't just preach family, we ARE family.

        I can remember ages ago when I was first licensed to sell real estate in Virginia thinking that I was in way over my head. I was 23 years old, never bought or sold a home myself, heck I was unmarried with a baby and had just relocated from North Jersey where I was born and raised…the road, it was uphill. I put my head down and did what I do best, soldier on. I poured my heart into my life here in NOVA. Raising my boy(s), building a business, meeting people.

        When you are a new mom, you need a village. When you are a new business, you need a network. When you are a new neighbor, you need a friend. To meet those needs in my life, I became them. I helped others, I shared my knowledge, I listened. We didn’t have much back then, I couldn’t donate money if someone came a calling, in fact I had to charge Andrew’s hospital bill from his birth on my VISA. Nope, there were not two nickles to rub together. There was however, love. A hopeful spirit. Vulnerable, teachable and willing I worked and I worked hard.

        And so AGC began to take shape. Client by client, agent by agent – keeping honesty, integrity, love and hard work in the forefront.

        Fast forward almost 20 years later and I am sitting in my kitchen reflecting on ALL of my blessings, hardships and gifts.  My email pops up and it is from my dear friend, Mara Bauserman, sharing the program for Gabe’s Memorial Service where Andrew will be playing in memory and honor of a life shortened far too soon for our liking. Mara’s son, Gabe, became an angel last week when his time here on earth was cut short just a day after he blew out 15 birthday candles. Mara is part of our village.  She joined AGC several years ago and will forever be part of our family. Her heart is enormous, her spirit is pure, her love – genuine. I cannot even fathom the depth of the pain when your child is called back to the heavens. Mara has shown the utmost in grace, love and human compassion throughout the days since the accident. The same spirit she shared with our team through the years. We have been blessed to have her family in our circle. We are a village. We are a network. We are family. Gabe’s time here with us was short, his legacy is not. With his mama’s strong sense of community, massive heart and sense of humor he gave us all an example of what pure love is.

        This week, please take a moment to #hugyourbabies and #loveyourpeople. Follow your heart. Be true to yourself. Be vulnerable and real. Help a friend. Smile at a stranger.   Send positive energy of healing, love and strength to Gabe’s family and classmates. Give where you live. #workhard and #benice.

        Real estate isn’t about houses. It’s about homes. It’s about the people who live in them. It’s about love, dreams and making the world a better place. For all. Thank you for letting us help you make your dreams come true.

        Rest in Peace GabrielChristian Bauserman

        October 15, 1999 – October 16, 2014