• Affordable housing help is here!

        Affordable housing help is here!
        In the face of the recent economic crisis, we all find ourselves struggling with financial woes. For some of us, the effect is minor and we don’t go out to dinner as often as we used to; but, for others, the effect is much more profound. For those of us who’ve lost a job, or taken a reduction in hours or pay, it is just no longer possible to pay the steep mortgage/rent payment which was so easily affordable a year or two ago. The possibility of being without a home is a terrible reality to be faced with, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone. While you may not know about them, there are some services out there designed to help people struggling with these situations. Though you may not be able to stay in your current home, you could qualify for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities.

        The Loudoun County Affordable Dwelling Unit program is available to those who meet income, credit and homeownership status eligibility requirements with priority given to applicants who currently live and work in the county. There are different branches of the program, depending on your intention to rent or purchase a property. The purchase program enables eligible first time homebuyers, with moderate income, the opportunity to purchase a newly constructed or resale ADU townhouse or condominium. There is also a rental program available for eligible non-homeowners which provides the opportunity to rent an apartment, from a participating apartment complex, at a rent below that of similar units at the complex. Though the purchase program is currently still accepting new applications, the rental program will begin screening new applicants and scheduling intake sessions on January 03, 2011. For more information regarding any of the above programs or if you’d like to be screened for the Affordable Dwelling Unit Rental or Purchase Programs, you can contact the Affordable Dwelling Unit Screener at 703-737-8043, or visit them on the web, at www.loudoun.gov/adu.

        If you are not a resident of Loudoun County, you can visit http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov or http://www.vhda.com for more information on services provided through the state of Virginia. You can also visit your county’s website to see what options they offer. Ask Gina & Company wants all Americans to experience the joy of owning or renting a home and we are here to help. If you are struggling to make your payments or looking to take advantage of the low interest rates in Loudoun County, contact us today! Call Gina Tufano and Jennifer Johnson today at 703-574-3478 or email at info@ask-gina.com