Buying and selling homes involves so much more than paperwork.  Anybody that has ever owned property in Virginia or anywhere else knows that.  Homes are where life happens, where memories are made–they serve as the backdrop to everything you love and cherish.  Buying one is a big step, and selling one is an emotional process. Since 1996, Gina Tufano and Ask Gina & Company have been helping people buy and sell the scenery of their lives.  Our process reflects this understanding and so does our team.

Every member of the AGC team really, truly loves what they do.  We show up each day because we love to help things grow and make a change in the lives of our clients.  Our approach to Loudoun real estate is one that is built on trust, personal touches, and positive results.  The culture at Team AGC is what drives our agents to build careers worth having and cultivate relationships worth growing.  We want to be an agency for buyers and sellers that we can consider friends.

Ask Gina has its roots in Loudoun County, and we’ve taken the time to form a network of people who think like us, work like us, and who help people everywhere, no matter where they’re going.  That means we not only help our clients buy and sell property, but we stay with them as resources of help and advice for years afterwards.  Our clients are clients for life, and their goals are our goals.  Every day we strive to teach, share, and communicate better than the last.

Over the years we have received many testimonials and accolades – each one means the world to us.  Whether industry driven, such as being named an Inman Social Media All Star and the Lifetime Top Producer award from Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, or customer rated as in being named Best of Loudoun from Leesburg Today and Best of Suburbia from Posh 7 magazine – our track record speaks volumes.

Here at AGC, we want to give you the gift of having a beautiful, real experience while buying or selling a home.  We will do whatever it takes to help you to be excited about your next journey.  Unlock the possibilities by calling Gina Tufano and Team AGC today: 703-574-3478