• A walk through Loudoun History – Scavenger Hunt Style!

        My boys LOVE scavenger hunts – and we have a fondness for local history. Put the two together and we have found the perfect summer activity for Loudoun residents. The Historic Loudoun County Scavenger Hunt is just the thing.

        Now before you go buying the booklet on Amazon for $59.99 – please, save those funds for one of our amazing wineries and instead download the PDF here for FREE.

        Jam packed with facts – past and current – it features great detail of the area…

        Check out clue 2:

        2. Old Leesburg Presbyterian Church. Walk across the street. This is Leesburg’s oldest standing church, built in 1804—over 200 years old. Walk into the cemetery to your right, where some of the town’s oldest graves are. You can look in the windows to see the inside of the church. Notice the balconies: in the opening months of the Civil War, Leesburg was filled with Confederate soldiers. Most of them thought that this Presbyterian Church had the prettiest girls! The soldiers had a good view of the pretty girls from this balcony! Now stand back and look at the windows. Question #2: Notice the big windows in the old part of the church. How many window panes are there in each window?

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