• A Second Chance at Homeownership in Virginia

        At Ask Gina & Company, we get phone calls from prospective renters all of the time wondering if they can purchase their dream home in Loudoun instead of renting. The first thing we do is make sure they have spoken with a reputable lender – one with a track record of honesty, thoroughness, and the all important skill of getting the loan to close on time with minimal headaches. Many hopeful homeowners are worried about their financial track record and instantly think that they do not qualify and instead are forced to continue leasing. While it is true that negative credit events, such as foreclosures, short-sales and filing for bankruptcy may adversely impact your eligibility to purchase a new home – they are usually pleasantly surprised! The time-frame may be reduced due to extenuating circumstances with established good credit since the event. Mike Farrell with First Home Mortgage offers us a timeline representing each loan program and their restrictions:

        If you are ready to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and instead begin investing in your family’s future, call Gina Tufano at AGC today: 703-574-3478