• NOVA residents ask: Plow, Plow, Where for art thou Plow…. Jonas lingers

        Plowless in Cascades
        Find out when the plow is coming to your townhome community


        First and foremost – kudos to all of the first responders, plow operators, medical professionals and others that worked tirelessly through this epic blizzard.  YOU are the heroes of this storm. THANK YOU!  As we wait patiently, with cups of cocoa and coffee at the ready to share with you, we can follow your progress from our phones! If you’ve been wondering when your Northern Virginia neighborhood will be plowed –  VDOT has the answer – check out their new website that allows the snowbound in NOVA to wonder no more….track each truck as it winds through the streets of Loudoun here

        Should you have any questions about Virginia real estate, frozen or otherwise,  give Loudoun’s Best real estate team, AGC, a call at 703-574-3478 – stay safe!