• NOVA, it’s cold outside!

        NOVA, in case you haven’t heard we’re having extreme cold all week (single digit nights). ❄

        Here’s how to help protect your pipes from freezing:

        – turn on those old incandescent lights in any unfinished areas to create heat
        – leave doors open under sinks and throughout the home to even out air temp
        – if you have any at risk areas or areas that have burst before, let both the hot and cold taps drip – the flowing water will make it much harder to freeze

        If you are out of town and need assistance, let us know!

        Once your home is prepped for Jack Frost, check out these 7 crazy things that happen when it’s crazy cold.

        Stay warm!

        Oh, don’t forget to share this with your tenants while you’re doing the neighborly thing amd reminding your circle to do the same.

        Again, if you need assistance, let us know!